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Thank you for finding me here on the web.

I believe sometimes things can be random and other times things are fate.

How you got here is your call but I am glad you have found me.

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Namaste' Dorothy


The horoscope is a blueprint of our character. Character is destiny. There is nothing static in this universe in which we dwell.  We can change by changing our attitudes and patterns of behavior. In so doing, we change our destiny. An understanding of planetary influences allows you to take your life into your own hands and intelligently utilize the planetary influences that will help you in your evolution if you but will. - Isabel Hickey,



Astrology is a fantastic way to get in touch with our soul purpose and find a peaceful balance in life, help us see new choices, clear out old energies, and move ahead in a positive direction. It is also important to remember that we are each responsible for our own journey. I can assist you in understanding your own life path, your journey. Self understanding, self discovery.


During these changing and somewhat challenging times it seems the demand for private sessions is greater than ever. If you are feeling the need to talk please contact me and we can make these arrangements. If you are not able to meet with me in person, phone or Skype sessions are always available. Over 50% of my sessions are on the phone.


Challenges = Opportunities so get a different perspective and schedule your session today.

Gift Certificates/Pre-Paid Services
Stuck for a great gift idea?? How about an Astrology Gift Certificate for that special someone! Gift Certificates are toward all readings and the recipient can choose the reading they would like to have when they redeem the certificate.






Events/Psychic Fairs or Parties
Mini-astrology readings, 15 or 20 minutes are unique and engaging fun for a birthday party, bridal shower or family gatherings. They provide your guests with an insightful taste of Astrology at a reasonable fee. To schedule an appointment or learn more about the benefits of an astrological consultation, please email me at or use the contact me link above. Please don't hesitate to contact me with any questions you may have.


                       What Is Astrology?

Astrology is simply a name for the method by which an astrologer will review your natal birth chart to see how you tend to perceive the world. This is achieved from the perspective of your time and place of birth. This reveals what filters you have chosen to look through, and learn, from this life time along with life long lessons and the journey of the Soul.


The signs, planets, and aspects combine to give a filter through which you will view circumstances and react to them. The configuration of the natal chart is the base from which we start our life and from which all growth will spring. This can be fine-tuned to encompass details from our daily lives and how we are feeling each day.



*Babylonian Beginnings

The Babylonians are generally credited with the birth of astrology. Their astrological charts enabled them to predict the recurrence of seasons and certain celestial events. So in the beginning and for more than 2,000 years, astrology and astronomy were the same science.

Babylonian astrology was introduced to the Greeks early in the 4th century B.C. and, through the studies of Plato, Aristotle, and others, astrology came to be highly regarded as a science. It was soon embraced by the Romans (the Roman names for the zodiacal signs are still used today) and the Arabs and later spread throughout the entire world.

While earliest astrology was used to bring a sense of order out of apparent chaos, it was soon utilized to predict weather patterns, primarily for agricultural purposes. It was eventually broadened to include forecasts of natural disasters and war and other events in the course of human affairs. Amassing successes in these fields, it was a natural progression for astrology to be used as counsel for kings and emperors and, in time, for all of us.

*Suppled by Amercian Federation of Astrologers



I believe that everything in the universe is energy. Astrology examines how the energy of celestial objects influences the things occurring here on Earth. If we are willing to acknowledge that these things, such as the oceans and a woman's cycle, are affected by the moon. The behavior of plants and animals is affected during the seasons which is created by our relationship to the sun. Alternatively, we should also be willing to explore the effect other celestial bodies have on us. It is all energy and the makeup and location of each celestial body changes the effect and the relationship to us. This is what the study of astrology explores.
I also believe we can each find our center, gain our bearings, and perhaps, recognize more clearly the wide meandering of our life journey. The natal map mirrors how we are, how the god/goddesses play in our lives. It is not the cause of what we have or will become. It simply reflects the archetypal realities through which we shape, and are shaped, by our world. As a map of our inner landscape, a soul image, it is best not used to predict concrete life events or to provide solutions to the problems of living. Rather, it asks us to explore the various fantasies in which we are engaged and perhaps leads us toward a life deeply enriched and possessed of satisfying attachments.


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